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From: Scott Westwood
Subject: College Caper Chapter 4WARNING:This story contains sexual acts between college age men. If this is
not to your tastes, and/or is illegal in your area please do not read any
further.The story is copyrighted. Please do not distribute it to any newsgroups
and/or web-sites without permission from the author. You may, however, send
it to your friends in any form you wish, as long as no changes are made to
this file.Parts of this story were inspired by my own experiences with fraternities.
However, THIS story is mostly fiction. Any resemblance to any individual,
alive or dead, may be accidental.Constructive comments and suggestions are appreciated. Flames will be
cheerfully (and totally) ignored.
College Caper
(MM, bd, sm, anal, whipping, cbt, initiation)
Chapter 4Weekend With The Pledges
(This particular chapter has less fantasy. Many of the events depicted here
actually happened)REVIEW NOTES:
Since there has been some intervening action in the story, I am providing a
quick review of the events related to the pledges.
- I am 40 years old, live across the street from the Phi Sig house and party
with the brothers regularly. They made me an honorary brother. I was also a
Pledgemaster when I was in college.
- On this weekend the brothers are all going out of town and through a
wondrous quirk of fate the pledges have been turned over to me for a long
- I have a manor house in the country with a very complete dungeon.What follows are the brief descriptions of the pledges, including some
information I learned from the brothers:Todd
19 years old, dark hair, glasses that made him look intellectual. Slender
body with a narrow waist and a little hair on his chest and a very thick
bush. Preteen Naturist He was also a real party animal who believed in living life to the
fullest. He wanted to try everything at least once.Jim
18 years old, Sandy brown Preteen Naturist hair, with dark hair on his chest. A well
proportioned build but not overly muscular. He liked to swim to keep fit
when not playing lacrosse. Jim was also the intellectual type. When he wore
his glasses he looked like a braniac geek.Brad
18 years old, light brown hair, 5′8″ with a heavy bush, but a minimal amount
of hair on the rest of his body. Without question one of the most handsome
guys on the planet. He took pride in his body and worked out constantly. He
looked like the famous statue, “David”.Jared
18 years old. Blond haired blue eyed with a well proportioned body. He
looked like a 16 year old, with rosy cheeks that would remain with him for
many years to come. His smooth body did not display much in the muscle
department, but he was actually very athletic.Brian
23 years old. Short blond hair, green eyes with a slight, but well developed
body. Older than most freshman due to the fact that he served four years in
the Marine Corps prior to entering college.Steve
19 years old. Light brown hair and warm brown eyes. He was built to play
rough and tumble sports. His body was Preteen Naturist well defined and solid with a 32 inch
waist. His abs were the envy of every guy on every team he played on.
Besides lacrosse, he loved to play rugby, the British sport recently added
to the college sports program because he enjoyed the hard-hitting physical
contact.And that concludes the review!
The Weekend PrologueIt was mid afternoon Preteen Naturist
on Friday. I was sitting in my office, reviewing my
plans for the weekend. Everything was ready to go, both here and at the
Manor House in the country. I looked at the sheets of paper with the
instructions for the Pledges. Then folded them, slipped them into the
envelope and sealed it.The pledges would be gathered at the Phi Sig house and would be waiting for
these instructions to be delivered at 6:00 pm. I had made arrangements for
one of my workers to deliver the envelope at that time.As I reveled in hot thoughts of what lay ahead, I briefly reflected on some
of the important attributes that would make all this possible.The Phi Sigs were truly an elite group. It was the “Who’s Who” Fraternity of
the University. Included among its ranks were all the best athletes and
student leaders. So there was naturally a great incentive for these six guys
to complete their pledge period.But there was also something else. Most fraternities have their share of
ritualistic ceremonies during which pledges become TRUE brothers and swear
their loyalty to their fellow brothers, yada, yada, yada. With the Phi Sigs
there was something else.Very early in the process, the potential pledges learn about the Phi Sig’s
policy of absolute tolerance and acceptance. They don’t pull any punches. If
you are to be a Phi Sig, you will be accepting of all others. This includes
sexuality. It you could not accept a brother who was different than you in
terms of sexual orientation, you should not be a Phi Sig.The potential pledges all knew to expect some sexual challenges during the
pledge period (probably a lot, most concluded). They had all agreed to
undergo these challenges without regard to their own sexual preferences.Earlier in the semester, I knew that all six of these guys had gone through
the “Opening” ritual. During this ceremony, the pledges sat naked in a
semi-circle, in a clearing deep in the woods. A lone candle burned in front
of them.One by one, each stood up, walked to the candle, picked it up and knelt
facing his pledge brothers. He then revealed to them all there was to know
about his sexuality. The pledge brothers asked questions, and when all were
satisfied that he had been open and truthful, he returned to his seat on the
ground, and another walked to the candle.By Preteen Naturist the time the ritual was over, the pledge brothers knew from where each
was coming and there were no hidden concerns, suspicions or agenda’s. ‘No
wonder, the Phi Sigs seemed so loyal to each other, they really knew and
accepted each other and didn’t have to play games,’ I thought to myself.This particular group of pledges was exceptional and promised to be a lot of
fun to put through their paces. I finished the last items of paperwork and
then headed out to pick up some last minute items.
Friday EveningIt was just before 6:00 pm and all six Phi Preteen Naturist Sig pledges waited in the living
room of the fraternity house. Dressed in an assortment of typical college
age clothes, torn jeans here, cargo pants there, and so on, they lounged
around the room waiting.They were very quiet as they glanced at each other and listened for any
sound that would indicate their sealed instructions were being delivered.
Despite the fact they had some general idea of what to expect, they all
assumed that things were going to be tougher and more challenging then
anything before. And they were right.When a knock echoed through the hall at exactly 6:00 pm, they jumped to
their feet. Steve motioned for the others to wait. He went to the door,
opened it and found no one there. He looked down and saw an envelope. It
was labeled simply, “Pledges”. Steve picked Preteen Naturist it up and hurried back to the
living room.They all gathered round and Preteen Naturist just stared at the envelope. Finally Brad
chimed in, “Come on guys, it’s we know we’re gonna do it, just open it.”Steve tore it open, pulled out several pieces of paper, unfolded them and
immediately started to read out loud.”PHI SIG PLEDGESYour weekend of challenges begins with Preteen Naturist the opening of these instructions.
What follows is a list of orders and commands that you will complete exactly
as described, and in the order they are listed. Like some tests in school,
you will NOT read ahead. You must complete one command before reading the
next.If you are to complete this weekend successfully, you will need to work
together. You will also find that you will be called upon to compete against
each other in various ways. In each of these competitions you will DO YOUR
VERY BEST, individually or as a team. If there is any indication that you
are not competing to your fullest potential, your fellow pledges will
receive a penalty.I am a Special Master of Pledges. In addition to the orders contained in
these pages, you will follow all other orders given to you for the rest of
this long weekend, without question or argument.I know each of you very well and know you are all quite bright. By now, you
should all have a pretty good idea of what is ahead of you. There are some
fears and some fantasies, most of which you will be required to face.If any of you feel you cannot face these challenges, you may withdraw now
and return to your dorm room. Talk among yourselves about it. When you have
each made your decision, you will proceed to the first command listed
below.”Steve finished reading and then folded the paper. He looked around at his
fellow Pledge Brothers, waiting for someone to say something. There were
several minutes of silence as each pondered the instructions.Finally, one of the 18 year olds, Jim, spoke up. “Ahhhh, come on guys, we
all knew this was coming… and we all know what’s ahead. It’s gonna be
rough, for sure… humiliating, no doubt… painful, probably… and sexual,
without question. So what’s the big deal?”A pause, then Steve, the rough and tumble rugby player offered, “Dudes, I
know that we can all handle any rough stuff or pain for that matter. There’s
not one wuss here!”Another pause, then Jared, the boyish looking blond Preteen Naturist haired cutie chimed in,
“Yeah, and when it comes to the sexual stuff, let’s face it, we know
everything about each other… straight, gay, or bi, it doesn’t matter to
any of us, right?He waited for an answer. Several of the pledges looked back at Jared. He
was usually quiet and came across as rather shy.Jared looked around the room. His rosy cheeks became very red as he
considered that maybe he had said too much. Then Jared stammered, “Uh
right?”They all looked at each other and then nodded.Then Todd, the party animal spoke, “Shit guys, let’s get to the bottom line.
You all know I am straight. I have never done anything sexual with a guy. I
am pretty sure I will have to during this weekend… and you know what, I
don’t give a shit. If I enjoy myself, that’s cool. If I don’t, that’s cool
too. But I am willing to try it anyway. It’s not like it will turn me gay
or anything.”They all seemed to agree. Then Todd turned to Brian, the 23 year old former
Marine, and continued.”Brian, we all know you are gay… you told us that and more. I consider you
to be my pledge brother… and if I have to do you or you me, I’m okay with
it. I’m not sure about anything after this weekend, but who knows.”They once again stood in silence, lost in thought.At last Steve, inquired, “Okay, does anyone want to leave?”Nobody moved.”Okay, then, I guess I should read the first instruction.” Everyone nodded
again.Steve unfolded the paper and read the first order:”ORDER #1- Now that you have completed your discussion, you will dial the
number at the bottom of the page. You will let the phone ring for a number
of rings equal to the number of you who have decided to continue. You will
then hang up the phone and proceed to clean the fraternity house. You will
not have to clean individual brothers’ rooms, just the common ones like the
lounge, kitchen, party room, bathrooms and so on. You will complete this
task by 8:00 pm. Then you will proceed to ORDER #2.”Steve looked around the room, “Last chance!” he inquired.———————————————————————-
MEANWHILEAcross town, I waited in my office for my private line to ring. I was
extremely excited. Any minute now I would know how many hot freshmen bodies
would be on my plate for the weekend ahead.When the phone rang at 6:17, I almost jumped out of my seat!ONE RING! I felt a tightening in my balls.TWO RINGS! My manhood started to rise.THREE RINGS! More tightening in my balls.FOUR RINGS! More blood rushed into my rising pole.FIVE RINGS! I could see the tent forming in my pants.SIX RINGS! Damn, I almost lost it then. My cock was acting like it had just
found the fountain of youth. I laughed at that thought… ahhh yes, Preteen Naturist
I would
see many vibrant fountains of youth this weekend!The ringing stopped abruptly after the sixth ring.I knew what must be happening at the Phi Sig house so I wasted no time.
After a quick check in the garage to see that all was ready in the van, I
ran out to my car, a non-descript Ford sedan chosen so as not to attract any
special attention, and then headed towards the campus.It only took me about 15 minutes to reach the Phi Sig house. As I
approached, I slowed down and cruised past the house. Judging by the sounds
and the bodies passing back and forth across the windows, I could tell the
pledges were rushing to complete the cleaning assignment.I smiled and then drove off to the place I had selected to observe their
first stop of what I had called, “The Preteen Naturist Brick Run.”
————————————————————–8:00 PM, The Phi Sig HouseAs the old clock in the hall began chiming 8:00 o’clock, the six Phi Sig
pledges returned to the lounge. They had completed their cleaning tasks in
record time and were sweating from the exertion.Steve picked up the instruction papers and proceeded to read the next order.”ORDER #2- The Brick Run
NOTE: When you are finished reading this order, you will put the papers back
in the envelope, and then place it under the big couch.Now the order.
Proceed to the back yard and find the wooden chest behind the big oak tree.
Open the chest and carry out the order found there! The top of the oak is
key! Time is of the essence!”They wasted no time. Steve shoved the instructions into the envelope and
placed it under the couch. Then they raced to the back yard. They found the
chest. Brad kneeled down and tried to open it. It was locked! And it was
the type of lock that defied picking.”Fuck!” Brad shouted. “Now what do we do?”There were some quick suggestions about breaking the chest. Brian kicked it
a few times, but it was a heavy oaken chest and it was clear that it would
take a great deal of effort and time to defeat.Then Jared, the boyish imp offered, “Hey wait a second, I think I get it…
‘the top of the oak is key’… get it?”He looked up to the top of the oak tree. They all followed his gaze.”I don’t see anything but leaves,” Todd observed.Then Jim announced, “Okay guys, bet ya any money there’s a key up there
somewhere, but it’s getting dark, so we’ll need a flashlight. Someone get
one from the house…. now who’s the best tree climber?”Smiles all around then everyone looked at Todd.”Shit, okay I guess that’s me,” Todd laughed. Brad rushed into the house
and returned a moment later with a flashlight, then handed it to Todd.Todd jumped into the tree and proceeded to climb. It was a tough climb. He
searched all over the uppermost branches and finally found a small
fluorescent pouch. He grabbed it and quickly descended.Steve took the pouch from Todd. He tore it open, reached inside and pulled
out a key. The chest was quickly opened and all Preteen Naturist
peered inside.It wasn’t a very big chest and it was filled with a pile of black and white
cloth… a small envelope… and a brick.Steve picked up the envelope, tore it open and read the next order.”ORDER #3
One of you will put these items on, over his clothes. One of you will carry
the brick. Then, you will all run to the Tasty Treat Donut shop across town.
When you arrive, the one dressed in the outfit will enter the shop, go to
cashier and say, ‘Hi, I am Sister Mary Holy Water, do you have a package for
me?’The cashier will give you a package. You will leave, go around to the back
of the shop with your pledge brothers and open the package. Your next order
will be there. Time is of the essence!”They all looked quizzical. Brad reached into the chest and pulled out the
outfit and the brick. He handed the brick to Jim and then unfolded the
cloth.He held it up for all to see, it was a Nun’s Habit!Brad Preteen Naturist
started laughing and then inquired, “Okay, who’s gonna be a Nun for the
night?”They all laughed and then looked at Jared. He stopped laughing and then
blushed.”Okay, okay… I know, I’m the cutest any way” he said with an impish smile.He quickly dressed in the habit. He did make a pretty cute Nun.After a round of jabs at Jared’s expense, they were off.They wasted no time, cutting across campus at full speed. What a sight they
made. Five hot freshman jocks and a Nun, running feverishly towards the
donut shop on the other side of town.——————————————————————-I was sitting in my car, across the street from the donut shop so that I
could see the front and back of the store.It was exciting as I watched the six pledges approach the shop… well five
pledges and a Nun… hahaha.I was anxious to see who they had chosen as the Nun. As they arrived at the
shop, I was able to catch a glimpse of the Nun’s face… ‘Ahhhh, sweet
Jared, a good choice.”——————————————————————–Jared entered the shop, walked up to the cashier and delivered his line with
an imitation female voice. “Hi, I am Sister Mary Holy Water, do you have a
package for me?”He said it just a little too loud. Several patrons turned their heads and
laughed. The clerk laughed too, as he handed a large bag to the Sister…er
Jared.Jared’s face flushed and he hurried out of the store.When the other pledges saw Jared emerge, they quickly ushered him around to
the lot behind the store.They opened the bag and pulled four boxes out of the bag, each holding a
dozen donuts. There was also an envelope.Steve motioned to Jim, who took the envelope and proceeded to read,
“Congratulations Pledges, you are doing well. Now look behind the dumpster.
You will find another locked chest. Your next orders are in the chest,
along with a brick. Now in case you haven’t figured it out yet, you will be
retrieving 6 bricks tonight. One for each of you to carry.To open this chest, you will need a key. To get the key, you must eat all
of the donuts in the boxes given you. The key is inside one of them. And,
even if you find it early, you must eat all of the donuts. Don’t even think
about cheating!———————————————————————I watched the pledges through my sports binoculars from across the street.
I was pleased that they were following their orders as they began eating the
donuts. As luck would have it, I estimated that they had eaten about three
dozen when they found the key. Even so, they continued to polish off the
remaining donuts, then turned to the chest.Yes, these guys would be very good.———————————————————————It was Jim who unlocked the chest, but they all peered inside. The only
things inside were a brick and an envelope, which was opened quickly, and
once again read aloud.”ORDER #4
One of you will carry this brick. You will now place the Nun’s outfit and
your shirts in the chest. If any of you have more than one shirt on, you
will place them in the chest as well, so you are all bare-chested. You will
then lock the chest, but leave the key in the lock.Once that is accomplished, you will proceed to the third floor of Forest
Hall. Find the RA (Resident Assistant) on that floor and get him to open
room 315 for you. The chest with your next order is in that room. You will
also need to get the key for the chest from the RA.”Without delay, Jared took off the Nun’s outfit and his shirt and placed them
in the chest. The others removed their shirts and placed them inside as
well. Brad grabbed the brick and locked the chest. Then they all turned
back towards Preteen Naturist campus, running at a fast pace to the dorm, two miles away.——————————————————————–I watched as my six bare-chested freshman hotties took off running. I knew
I would not see them for a little while, but smiled as I pictured them going
through the next series of orders.Then I drove off to a position later in their route. I was hard and knew I
would remain so for quite sometime.———————————————————————Forest HallIt didn’t take long for the pledges to reach Forest Hall. It had been a
brisk run and some of them had “tossed their cookies” on the way. Donuts
and running don’t mix very well. Their upper bodies glistened with a nice
light coat of sweat as they rushed inside and headed to the third floor.They found the RA, Glen, a rather skinny geek type, who was obviously
expecting them. Before anyone could say a word, Glen raised his hand and
motioned them to follow him.”Don’t worry boys I know why you’re all here, follow me.”They followed him to a small study lounge which was vacant. No surprise on a
Friday night.Glen stopped, turned around and looked them up and down.”Okay, guys, let’s not waste time with small talk. You need a couple of
things from me. I will give them to you for a price.”The pledges looked at each other, knowingly, each contemplating ways to get
the keys without having to give too much to this half-pint.Glen raised his hand again, cutting off any verbal response.”So here’s the deal… which by the Preteen Naturist way, is non-negotiable. To get the key
for Room 315, you will all drop your pants and shorts to your ankles so I
can examine your bodies. When I am done, I will give you the room key and
choose one of you to stay behind while the other five go to the room to find
the chest.While the others search the room, the guy I chose will do whatever I say
until the rest Preteen Naturist find the chest and bring it here, at which point I will give
you the key to the chest. Now that’s the deal, as I said, it is not
negotiable!”The pledges looked at each other again. They knew there would be no way
around this. The little geek wanted to get off having some jock’s to order
around.Steve looked at his fellow pledges, shrugged his shoulders then unbuttoned
his pants and slid them and his briefs down to his ankles. The others all
did the same.Glen seemed very pleased as he walked around the room checking out the six
naked jocks.”Okay boys, put your hands behind your heads and keep them there,” Glen
ordered. They did as they were told and Glen smiled again. He proceeded to
check each one out carefully. He opened their mouths, massaged chests,
stomachs, abs, butts and legs. And of course he fondled the heck out of
everyone’s cock and balls.They all felt humiliated to be, handled by this diminutive pip squeak.When he had completed his rounds, Glen reached into his pockets, pulled out
a key and held it out to Steve. Then he pointed to Todd, “I choose him! He
will do whatever I say until the rest of you oversexed jokers come back here
with the chest.”Todd looked concerned, but nodded his agreement. Steve grabbed the key, the
five then pulled up their pants and headed to room 315, determined to find
the chest quickly and limit Todd’s exposure to the horny little creep. It
was a dorm room after all, how hard could it be to find a chest in it.Glenn watched the others run off, then turned to Todd.”Okay, jock boy, step out of those pants and come over here.”Todd obediently did as he was told and was then standing in front of Glen,
naked except for his white athletic socks and running shoes.Glen walked around Todd a couple of times. He liked what he saw.
Todd had a full head of thick dark hair. Even after the run, there didn’t
appear to be one hair out of place. His naked body glistened with sweat.
Glen’s touches confirmed what the eye saw. Todd’s body was solid as a rock,
yet still had a smooth slender appearance and a wondrous flat groin, covered
with a dense forest of pubic hairs.He slapped Todd’s butt and then walked around front and started feeling
Todd’s nipples. Todd flinched at this invasion of his private space. No
guy had ever touched him like this before. His face blushed and he quivered.Glen laughed, “Don’t worry jock boy, we’ll have plenty of time together,
you’ll see!” Todd shook a little as he saw the hungry look in Glen’s eyes.”Now get down on your knees, spread your legs wide and put your hands behind
your back.”Todd felt a sinking feeling in his stomach as he lowered himself to his
knees and assumed the submissive position. ‘Hurry up guys’ he wished to
himself.Room 315
With their comrade in the clutches of the horny little RA, the five pledges
rushed to the room to locate the chest. They unlocked the door then tried
to push it open, it gave a little, but resisted.Steve pressed his shoulder to the door and pressed hard, the door moved in
as piles of crumpled newspaper began tumbling out of the room into the
hallway.They looked at each other and said, in unison, “OH Shit!” as the realization
struck. The room was filled from floor to ceiling with crumpled newspapers.After the initial shock wore off, they plunged into the room, wading through
the paper and feeling for the chest. As if the paper wasn’t enough, all the
furniture was still in the room, buried under the papers. They would have
to feel every inch of the room to find the chest and save Todd from Glen’s
hands.Speaking of Glen’s hands…The Study LoungeTodd watched as Glen removed his own shirt, then slowly slid his jeans down
and stepped out of them. He stepped closer to Todd, so that his boxer clad
crotch was now right in front of Todd’s face. Todd had no doubt what was
happening inside. Glen’s boxers were tented and rising higher.Glen placed his hands on Preteen Naturist
either side of Todd’s head and pulled his face up
against his boxers.”Go ahead, jock boy, give them a good sniff!”Todd, took a deep whiff. Then another. The smell of Glen’s crotch filled him
with a variety of conflicting emotions. There was that slightly acrid smell
that said ’sweat, piss and cum’. But there was also that musk like smell
that said manhood.To his surprise, Todd realized that he was excited by the whole thing. There
he was, the jock stud, naked and on his knees, with his face pressed against
the crotch of this little geek. He contemplated that for a few moments. He
was after all straight… a free spirit for sure, but very straight. And
yet he was excited.Just then, Glen forced Todd’s face even tighter against his groin. Todd felt
his manhood stir. It was true that Glen’s scent was somewhat exciting. But,
it was Glen’s control over him that was arousing.”Okay, jock boy, now pull my boxers down to my ankles. Don’t even think
about using your hands. Use your teeth,” Glen commanded.Todd didn’t think twice. He immediately began working on Glen’s boxers. He
grabbed one leg and pulled it down a few inches, then did the same to the
other. He was so caught up in the task at hand, that he didn’t even notice
that his Preteen Naturist own manhood was well on its way to full erection.By the time he had Glen’s boxers around his ankles he was painfully erect
and leaking pre-cum.Then Glen ordered him to stand with legs spread and hands behind his head.
As Todd assumed the position, Glen took note of Todd’s massive erection.
His cut cock was perfect and beautiful, standing at a 45 degree angle.Todd’s face flushed with embarrassment as Glen declared, “Well, well jock
boy, looks to me that you are pretty much a cock boy too!”He grabbed Todd’s balls and squeezed them hard. “Or are you one of those
guys who gets off being ordered around by someone like me?”Todd shook with a mixture of pain and excitement. He was overcome with two
conflicting desires. On the one hand, he wanted his pledge brothers to
hurry back… On the other, he hoped they would take their time because he
wanted Glen to continue. It was very confusing.Glen squeezed Todd’s balls again. “Well my cock jock boy, which is it, do
you want me to continue with you or not?”Todd winced from the pain, but was also in a state of incredible desire. He
desperately wanted this geek boy to command him, to humiliate him, to punish
him and force him to do whatever he wanted.”Yesss… please, uh… do me!” Todd stammered.Glen squeezed harder. “Yes, what?”Todd was sweating profusely now. His cock was throbbing. He thought and
thought, then finally said, “Yes sir… do whatever you want to me, please
sir.”Glen laughed viciously and slapped Todd’s cock very hard! “Okay, cock boy,
I will do that! But none of that cumming shit until I give you permission!”He gave Todd’s swelling cock another hard slap, “Understand SHITHEAD?”
Tears filled Todd’s eyes as he reeled from the pain. He instinctively
lowered his eyes and said, “Yes sir! I Preteen Naturist
understand.” Despite the slaps,
Todd’s cock remained Preteen Naturist fully erect, and was in fact, even harder.Todd now began to worry. He was so full of raging desire, that he would do
anything to get off. What’s more, he noted that a girl was nowhere in the
equation, only Glen. And every passing thought of Glen ordering him about
brought him ever closer to cumming.Glen laughed. “You know what boy? It looks to me like we both have a really
full bush.” He stroked Todd’s pubes with his fingers.”Yes, I can see we do, they look pretty much the same. I wonder how else
they compare… say in the smell department?”He looked back and forth between their pubes, then continued.”You know, I think I want your opinion on that. I want you to compare the
aroma. Now it’s easy for you to smell mine, but what about your own?…
hmmm”Glen thought for a moment and said, “Guess I’ll have to help you with that.”He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pair of needle nose
pliers. He held them in front of Todd’s face.”Okay cock boy, I’m going to get some samples for you, so you can sniff your
own pubes. Clasp your hands tightly behind your head and keep them there.
And no screaming! Understood?”Todd nodded. His mind was racing. There was fear for the pain he was about
to endure, but there was also that incredible sense of desire. ‘Damn’ he
thought, ‘Am I really that twisted? And where the hell did these feelings
come from?’ He could never remember feeling like this. Then again, he had
never been in a position like this before. What was even worse? He found
himself thinking of some nastier and more painful things that he wanted Glen
to make him do.”ARGGGGGH…. FUCK Preteen Naturist
MAN!” Todd said loudly as Glen pulled the first pubic
hair from his groin.Glen slapped him across the face and said, “Not so loud, cock boy! Or I’ll
pull out a whole lot more than I need!”"SHITTTTT…!” Glen yanked a couple more hairs from Todd’s pubic forest.Then without waiting, he continued plucking. Todd groaned and moaned and
cursed, through the whole thing but he didn’t unclasp his hands.After Glen had a nice little bundle of thirty plus hairs, and with a teary
eyed Todd covered with sweat, he announced he was finished. He then ordered
Todd to his knees with his hands behind his back. Todd did as he was told.”Okay, my jock, cock boy, let’s see what you come up with.”He held the bundle of pubic hairs under Todd’s nose. “Go ahead, take some
good deep sniffs. You’re gonna compare them to mine in a minute.”Todd started sniffing. Though the “sample” was small, there was enough.
There was a musty sort of odor that was slightly intoxicating and a mixture
of sweat, hair, man scent and maybe a hint of cum from his morning jackoff
session.At last Glen pulled the hairs away, grabbed the back of Todd’s head and
pulled his face into his groin.As Todd’s nose pressed into Glen’s pubes, he took several deep breaths. The
scent was very much like his own, stronger just from the fact there was so
much more to smell. But there was something else. There was a sort of
sweetness to the odor. A sweetness laden with heavy man scent. The more
Todd smelled, the more excited he got.It also occurred to Todd that this smell was actually much more exciting the
smell of pussy he had grown accustomed to. ‘Damn’ he thought, ‘What the fuck
is happening to me?’His mind continued to race, yet he did not want the moment to end. He
wanted to stay there, engulfed by Glen’s heavy bush, warm and safe.All too soon, Glen pushed Todd’s head back. He looked at Todd’s trance-like
expression Preteen Naturist
and the heavy amount of precum oozing from Todd’s huge erection
and laughed, snapping Todd out of his daze.”Well my dear Cock Boy, looks to me like you enjoyed your little romp
through the bushes! So tell me, whose pubes did you like more and what was
the difference?”Todd blubbered his way through his evaluation… “Well, uh… mine smelled
pretty good… real man-like and all that…. yours smelled the same, but a
lot stronger and… well, kind of sweeter or something…”Glen laughed again. “Hahaha, I’ll take that as a compliment.”Todd nodded, and then looked at Glen’s bush again.”Hahaha… looks like you’d like to return to the bush again?”Todd nodded again. ‘Damn,’ he thought to himself, ‘why the hell did I say
that!’”Okay, my cock, jock, Preteen Naturist bush boy, I have something a little more exciting for
you.”He stepped closer to Todd and rubbed his cockhead back and forth over Todd’s
lips.Todd was actually salivating at this point. ‘Any thing to get another whiff
of those sweet pubes’ he thought.”Okay boy, start jerking yourself off. If you get me real excited, you’ll
get to smell and taste more of me. But no cumming until I say so!”Todd immediately began wanking his manhood. He put on a great show, like a
horned up sex doggie. This wasn’t hard, since he was in a feverish state of
burning desire. He yanked, gyrated and panted!It didn’t take long for Glen to be completely boned himself. Once more he
moved his groin close to Todd’s face.”Open you mouth, cock boy, I have something for you to taste.”Todd opened his mouth as Glen poked his pole forward. Todd was salivating
even more. He was like a starving animal. He jerked his own cock faster and
harder as he leaned towards Glen’s inviting meat.But Glen wanted to toy with him a little more. Each time Todd tried to get
that warm cock in his mouth, Glen would edge back… he let Todd’s lips and
tongue touch his inflamed head… but not to take him.Finally Glen decided the moment had arrived, Todd was now delirious with
cock desire. He told Todd to open wide as his cock began a slow passage over
Todd’s lips.Then suddenly.”BAMMMMM,” the door to the study lounge burst open and Todd’s long lost
pledge brothers rushed in, triumphantly carrying the chest.There was a momentary pause and hush as they took in the scene in front of
them. For the gay and bi brothers it could not be any hotter. And for the
straight brothers, well, let’s just say though slightly uncomfortable, it
still seemed strangely exciting.Todd, the hot jock, who was straight as an arrow and had sex with so many
girls, was naked, on his knees, sweating like a big dog and jerking himself
wildly, while a little geek was putting his dick in Todd’s mouth. It was
incredible.After the moment had passed, the brothers rushed over, slammed the chest on
the table and separated Todd from his taskmaster.Glenn scrambled to put on his clothes and the brothers helped Todd with Preteen Naturist
undershorts and pants.Steve marched over to Glen and demanded, “Okay you little shit, you had your
fun with Todd and we did what you wanted, now give us the fucking key to the
chest!”Glen did not argue, he gave Steve the key, then turned to leave. As he
passed Todd, he stopped. Both were out of earshot from the others who were
busy opening the chest.”Call me, cock boy!” whispered Glen.”FUCK YOU” whispered Todd.Glen smiled and walked out of the room.Todd watched him leave and thought to himself, ‘Fat chance shithead, I know
what you want from me… so just forget it… uh… maybe forget it. Damn, I
really need to get off big time… I wonder what Glen would make me do if…
SHIT Todd, get hold of yourself!’He then walked over to his pledge brothers.Steve had already opened the chest and removed the envelope and the brick.
He gave the brick to Brian and then tore open the envelope.ORDER #5
So far so good Preteen Naturist pledges. By now you should have the brick Preteen Naturist process down, so I
won’t need to remind you. You will now remove your pants and place them in
this chest. You will then run to the cemetery on the west side of town. Find
the grave of Patrick Marsh and you will find the next chest.They all looked at each other with that knowing look, ‘Well he we go,’ they
thought.They quickly slid their pants off, placed them inside the chest, and dashed
out of the room. They had decided to use the back stairway so as to avoid
too much attention.The cemetery was a pretty good distance so they began the run at a fast, but
steady pace. Fortunately it was dark and they did not encounter many
people. What a site they made, six cute, hard-bodied jocks, running across
town, wearing only their underwear, shoes and socks. Even more so since four
were in white cotton briefs, one in khaki briefs, and one in a jock strap.The run lasted almost 30 minutes. When they arrived at the cemetery, they
were sweating and breathing hard.As they stood catching their breath, they surveyed the task ahead.
Fortunately it wasn’t a huge cemetery. Large yes, but not too large.
Unfortunately, it was surrounded by a high stone wall, with an equally high
iron gate, which was now locked.After a brief discussion, they elected to climb the gate. It wasn’t Preteen Naturist that
hard. The trickiest part was getting over the spear points at the top. One
slip there Preteen Naturist and you could impale yourself or be singing a higher tune.Still they were all soon standing inside the gate, and planning how to best
search the cemetery.Just as they were about to split up, Preteen Naturist
they were caught in the beam of a very
bright flashlight.”What the hell are you boys up to?” a raspy voice declared from the porch of
the small caretaker’s building just inside the gate.They stood frozen in the light as it drew closer.”Well, well, look what we have here!” said the voice as he snapped off the
light and stepped into the group of near naked pledges.The man was old. Well old to these guys anyway. He could have been cast as
a prospector in any number of old west movies. Unshaven, with scraggly
unkempt hair, he was nonetheless not that unattractive. If you gave him a
second look, you might notice that Preteen Naturist underneath the baggy bib overalls and
worn T-shirt was a body that was actually in pretty good shape. One might
even think that he was just playing a role and was not that old at all.”What are you doing in here? It’s after dark and the cemetery is closed. Preteen Naturist I
don’t want any fooling around in here! So you get out before I call the
cops!”They all looked at each other. Then Steve spoke up.”Please sir, we’re just doing this as part of a fraternity initiation, we’re
not going to do any damage. We’re just here to find something that was left
for us.”The old man smiled. “Oh yea, college days. Well, you all don’t look like
you’re here to vandalize the place,” he chuckled as he gestured towards
their glistening bodies. “Hehehe, vandals don’t usually dress like that. But
there are rules, and I’m not supposed to let anyone in here after dark,” he
murmured as he looked them over again and winked.Brian, the former Marine, with Preteen Naturist
the short blond hair and well developed body
stepped closer to the man.”Sir, we would really appreciate it if you could let us stay, maybe even
help us find what we are looking for. We would be more than happy to return
the favor.” The pledges glanced at each other. Brian looked the man
straight in the eye and waited. If he was correct in his evaluation, he’d
know as soon as the man replied.”Well now, we just might be able to work something out,” the man proclaimed
as he began a much closer examination of Brian’s body.Brian knew he was right. His GayDar was right on the money! To speed the
process, he spread his legs slightly and put his hands behind his head so
the man could really check him out.Brian had spent four years in the Marine Corps and his body showed it. His
chest was very well defined, yet with no bulging muscles. Below his flat
stomach which hinted of a slight six pack, there was a large bulge inside
his khaki briefs that indicated he was very well endowed. His legs were
strong and smooth and covered with a light coating of warm blond hair. And
to cap things off, he had a beautiful tight ass with muscle dimples. Yes he
was a sight!The man, took note of the khaki briefs. “Were you in the military boy?”Brian instantly snapped to attention.”Yes sir, Marine Corps sir!” he shouted.”Okay then, you know how to follow orders, don’t you?”"Sir, yes, sir!”The man laughed and then leaned closer to Brian. “Okay, tell you what, if
you follow my orders for the next, oh say 15 minutes, I’ll let you guys
stay… give me 30 minutes, and I’ll help you find what you are looking for.
How’s that?”"That is fine Sir, I’ll do the 30, sir!”"Then we have a deal!” nodded the man.He then directed the other pledges to go over to the side of the building
and sit on the ground in one line. Then he ordered Brian to stand facing
them.”Okay, Marine, lose the briefs!”Brian, pulled his briefs down to his ankles, stepped out of them, tossed
them aside and returned to attention. As the other brothers looked at him,
they could see that Brian was not the only thing standing at attention. His
full 9 inches of manhood was sticking almost straight up.The man looked at Brian’s hardened cut cock and smiled approval. He grabbed
it and squeezed it tightly, causing Brian to wince. “Yes Marine boy, we’ll
gonna have us a little fun now!”At this point in time, it seems appropriate to reveal the sexual orientation
of the six pledge studs. They already knew about each other’s interest and
experience in this area anyway.Brian, was of course gay. It was how he got out of the Marine Corps with an
honorable discharge. Todd, the dark-haired jock with the slender body and
heavy bush, was straight, but with a strong gay desire emerging rapidly.Brad, the little workout freak, with the chiseled face and a body like the
statue David, was Bisexual. Jim, the intellectual with the swimmers build,
was straight. As was Jared, the blond haired blue eyed imp, with the boyish
face. And Steve, the solid rough and tumble rugby player with the warm brown
eyes was Straight, but beginning to Preteen Naturist
believe he was more bi than straight.As the man squeezed Brian’s manhood, he took a moment to checkout the other
five boys. Judging by their squirms and in some cases, rising tents, it was
clear that straight or not, they were all aroused at the scene unfolding in
front of them. Todd in particular.”Okay, Marine, assume a pushup position and keep your eyes on your friends.”Brian dropped to a pushup position. He was in the up position waiting for
the command to begin.”Hold that position, I’ll be right back.” The man walked to the back of the
building, retrieved a small canvas bag, and a bunch of small branches
covered with holly leaves. The type of holly that was hard and very
prickly.When he returned, he placed the branches on the ground directly under
Brian’s groin. He lifted the branches just enough to touch Brian’s engorged
manhood. Then placed them back on the ground. Brian, reacted with a loud,
“OH…GOD…!” as the prickly ends of the hard leaves stuck into his
stretched cock flesh. Though he jumped slightly, he held his position.”There you go Marine, that’s what that huge cock of yours will feel if you
get too low. When I say, begin, you will start doing pushups. You will
continue doing them until I tell you to stop, and not before. And you will
count them out. Understood?”Sir, yes, sir.”"Very well, begin.”Brian started his pushups. They were perfect examples of military pushups.ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… FIVE… SIX…By the time Brian reached thirty, his cock, began to lose just a little of
its hardness. The immediate result was that it was more pliant and was no
longer at full attention so it hung a little lower.At thirty two, the implication of this became known to Brian, as his dick
touched the prickly points of the holly leaves on the down part of his
pushup.”Thirty two… ARGGHHHH… FUCK…”He didn’t go quite as low on the next pushup. The man noticed this
immediately and knelt down beside Brian. “Thirty three.”"Okay, smart boy. Every pushup has to be a proper pushup! You can go a
little slower for a bit, but you should be able to figure this out. If you
stay at your hardest, you’ll have no problem, so think happy thoughts!”Brian tried another pushup. To his credit, he did a proper one and lowered
himself to the correct position, but he paid the price as more of the
prickly leaves attacked his cock.”ARRrrrghhh!” He cried. “Thirty four.”Another pushup… and another cry of pain.”Thirty five…. EEEE….SHIT!”Brad watched along with his fellow pledges. He wished there was something
he could do to help Brian. Then it occurred to him.Brian was still looking at the others as ordered. His focus was drawn to
the center of the group as Brad rose to his knees. Brad slowly pulled down
his jockstrap (Brad always liked looking at his hot bod in a strap). He then
licked his finger and started to seductively play with his cock head.Brian’s eyes widened, and to his relief, he felt an immediate stirring in
his cock, as fresh blood rushed into his organ.”Thirty six… uhhh.” His cock only felt a couple of jabs.”Thirty seven!”"Thirty eight!”Brian was on a roll now and so was Brad who kept up his little sex show
helping Brian keep rock hard.It was yet another awesome sight. This naked Marine, fully aroused…
performing pushups in front of a row of college jocks, one of whom was
providing continual arousal material for the Marine.Brian seemed to gain strength from the scene. His body glistened with more
sweat as his speed increased. He was “in the zone” as he passed the eighty
and ninety marks and kept going.After he blew through 100 , the man finally said “Stop.”"Okay, back on your feet Marine and assume a parade rest position.”"Sir, yes sir!”Brian jumped to his feet. Spread his legs and clasped his arms tightly
behind the small of his back. He was breathing hard, but could obviously
have done many more.The man looked down at his raging hardon. It was throbbing slightly and
leaking precum. It also appeared totally unaffected by the tiny red marks
that dotted it’s head, underside and the balls below.He grabbed Brian’s shaft and asked loudly, “You’re gay, aren’t you Marine?”Sir, yes sir,” Brian shouted.”And your buddies know that it seems. Do they also know all of the gay
things you’ve done with other guys?”"Sir, yes sir, they Preteen Naturist do. I told them sir!”"Well that is commendable Marine boy! It is also commendable that it doesn’t
seem to bother your brothers here.”The all smiled proudly.The man let them have their moment.”Well, we are at the 15 minute point and I have another order for you.”Brian instinctively snapped to attention to receive his order, “Sir, yes
sir!”"You will now explain to your brothers, in minute detail, how you suck
another man’s cock.”Brian’s face flushed. It was one thing to share your sexual orientation and
experience with your friends. It was another to have to describe in detail
how he pleasured another man. For this gay, but proud hunky marine, there
was a humiliating element to this. Even so, he had agreed to the deal.”Sir, yes sir.”Standing there at attention, with a red face and hardon, the Marine looked
at his brothers and started.”Well, guys, when I suck a cock, most of the time the guy is already hard. I
like him to lie down on his back so I can work on him easily. If he is not
hard to begin with, I take his cock and balls into my mouth and gently swish
them around with my tongue until he gets hard.”The other guys listened with a mixture of interest and sorrow that their
brother had to do this.The man interrupted Brian. “Hold on a second there. You know I think this
would be better if we had a visual aid. You know a demonstration.” He
gestured to the other five.Brian responded defensively, “But sir, with all due respect sir, the deal
just involved me, sir.”The man laughed. “Yes, but since one of your buddies helped you through the
pushups by providing you with his little sex show…” Brad blushed. “As far
as I am concerned they became participants in the deal. So that is that.”Brian looked at the rest, “You guys okay with that? I mean we don’t have
much time left anyway?” They all agreed.The man smiled and said, “Okay, Marine, since you all seem to know so much
about each other, which of these guys are straight?”Brian pointed at each as he spoke, “That would be Todd, Jim and Jared sir.”The man Preteen Naturist
looked pleased. “Good, now which of you guys has never touched
another man’s cock… not counting when you were a little kid.”Jared and Jim both raised their hands. Todd did so to too, but only half
way. The man smirked. “Okay, maybe you are not as straight as Preteen Naturist you think,
eh? Todd blushed and Preteen Naturist lowered his eyes.”Okay, that leaves you two. So I choose you pretty boy!” He Preteen Naturist
said as he
pointed to the boyish Jared. Preteen Naturist “Get over here.”He looked at Brian and Jared and said, “Well Marine this is what I want, you
will lay down on your back, with your arms stretched above your head.
Pretty boy here, will kneel beside you, and you will talk him through the
best oral action your cock and Preteen Naturist balls have ever felt!”Jared’s face flushed, and his mouth dropped open. Brian started to protest
but the man shouted. “That’s an order Marine.”Brian shrugged his shoulder and lay down as instructed. Jared remained
frozen. Brian smiled up at him and said, “That’s okay Jared, you can do it.
It doesn’t change anything about you. I’ll talk you through it. If it helps
any, think of the pleasure it will give me. Like the pleasure you get when
a girl goes down on you.”Jared knelt slowly. Brian noticed a tear in his eye. “Look Jared, if you
don’t want to do this, that’s okay. We’ll find a way, even if it means I
have to take some more shit, I know this guy will deal.”They both looked up at the man who picked up the canvas Preteen Naturist bag, pulled out a
paddle and smiled at Brian. Brian looked up at him and said, “Uh, sir, would
say another 30 minutes of orders from you for me be okay instead?”The man nodded.”See Jared, that’s okay, I can take it,” Brian offered reassuringly. “You
won’t have to suck me.”Jared looked back at Brian and said strongly, “Oh geeze Brian, it’s not what
you think, I told you guys that I had sex with my girl friends and I did.
But… well, uh… I know it sounds strange but none of them did that to
me… so I don’t know anything about how to do it or how it feels.”Brian smiled warmly. “That’s okay Jared, I’ll talk you through it and by
the time you are done, you’ll know just what you’ll want your girl friends
to do to you.”Jared smiled broadly and looked up at the man. “I’m ready now sir.”The man smiled and put the paddle away. Then he said.”Well, Marine, you have a true command presence. I’m gonna startup the clock
again and this is what I want. You will talk your pretty boy friend here
through the best head you’ve ever had. If he makes you cum before Preteen Naturist time runs
out, I will consider the deal completed. If not, we will have to
re-negotiate and I have plenty of time and of course pretty boy here will be
part Preteen Naturist of the deal this time in a big way, he winked! “Okay go!”Brian acted quickly to keep Jared Preteen Naturist
from freaking.”Jared listen to me and do exactly as I say and we will be fine.”"But we only have like ten minutes,” Jared stammered.”That’s okay, that’s plenty, just do what I say.”Jared nodded.”Okay I am already super hard, we’ll get to the good part. Lean down and
lick the base of my cock with your tongue.”Jared did as he was told. The slight sense of revulsion he felt as his
tongue touched Brian’s massive hardon, vanished quickly and he felt his own
cock harden. Preteen Naturist
This was actually exciting.”Good, now, move you tongue up along the underside of my cock. And make
believe your tongue is a feather that you are tickling it with. Do it nice
and slow!”Jared began moving his tongue gently back and forth as he inched his way up
Brian’s manhood. As he did, his own breathing became harder as he smelled
the musty and sweaty scent of Brian’s pubes. He was felling light headed
and his cock rose to its peak.Brian, now threw some encouraging words at Jared. Which wasn’t that hard
because they were true. “Oh God… Jared that is so good… ahhhhhhh,
shit… you make me feel so hot… damn!”Brian’s pelvis began to pump lightly. Jared quickened up the pace and
arrived at Brian’s cockhead.”Okay Jared, damn, man you are so fucking cute… and your tongue… Okay,
now, wipe your tongue around my head.”Jared did as he was told as Brian moaned.”Now buddy… ohhh… Place your lips on either side of my cock, but keep it
outside your mouth, press your tongue against it and then move up and down
it a few times.”Jared wasted no time. He licked his lips then wrapped them around the top of
Brian’s shaft. He pressed his tongue against the cock flesh and started up
and down. First one side and down the other.Brian looked down at Jared. Then his head flew back and he moaned in sheer
pleasure. “GEEEZE… Jared… uh… that is soooo good.”After three passes Jared paused.”Good man, good… now take the head of my cock in your mouth and start
sucking on it hard. Suck it into your mouth deeper and deeper… and…”"AHHHHHGGGGH…”Jared’s mouth was already sucking Brian’s cock inside. Brian realized he
would probably loose the ability to issue instructions any moment as he
lapsed into pre-orgazm ecstasy.”Okay Jared… here’s the last thing… keep doing….uhhh… what your are
doing and get faster… grab my balls with your hand and start fondling them
lightly….. ohhhhhhhh…yea… oh yea…. When I start to yell and you
feel… uhh.. my balls tighten, pull off my cock and bite the base of my
cock hard.”He could hardly talk, his breathing was hard, his body locked in a fuck
rhythm. He glanced up at the man who was looking at his watch. Damn, Brian
thought it’s gonna be close. Then he lost all thought as Jared began taking
his cock in ever deeper and faster.Then it happened. In one instant, Jared felt the movement in Brian’s big
balls. He pulled off his cock, leaned lower and bit the base of Brian’s
throbbing manhood HARD with his lip covered teeth. For good measure he
began squeezing Brian’s balls as the eruption began.Brian let out the familiar Marine cheer… “OOOOH.. RAHHHHHHHHH…” so loud
that it echoed across the darkened cemetery. Stream after stream of solid
man seed shot from his raging cock. His body shook violently as he
continued shooting.”Ok God… Jared… fuck Jared… that was so good!… damn!!!!!!”At last Brian’s gyrations subsided and he looked up at the man.”Well done Marine, and with 30 seconds to spare!” the man said, checking his
watch.Brian smiled and sat up. He jokingly jabbed at Jared and said, “Hell, 30
seconds left… damn… I’ll bet my buddy here could get me off again in
thirty seconds… OOOH RAHH!” Jared’s face flushed as the rest laughed.The man then said, “That’s okay boys. Put your briefs back on Marine and
tell me what you are looking for. A grave no doubt… so come on inside so I
can check my diagrams.” They all followed, except for Brian and Jared.
Brian was pulling up his khaki briefs when Jared walked over to him.”Brian, you noticed didn’t you?”Brian looked at him quizzically. Then Jared looked down at his briefs that
were heavily tented out.Brian patted him on the shoulder and said, “Look bud, it doesn’t mean a
freaking thing. You made me feel real good. And that’s great.”"But I’m straight, I should not have gotten hard like that. I like to fuck
girls, but… well, it was exciting too…. real exciting.”"Look Jared, you have obviously never been in that situation before. You
did what you did, and it was exciting. That’s cool, it doesn’t mean you are
gay. It just means that you are one sexy dude.”Jared smiled.”Oh yeah, and if you don’t get what you want from your girls soon, let me
know, I’ll return the favor… that’s cool.” He winked and then headed to
the building.Jared muttered… “Uh, thanks Brian… uh, but…” His face was flushed
again. As he followed after Brian, he felt another surge in his cock.With the man’s help, it didn’t take long to find the chest. When they got
it, they thanked him and he said he would unlock the gate so they could
leave without having to climb it. He then waved and headed off tossing a
key to the boys.Jared, caught it and realized it was the key to the chest. They all laughed
at that then opened the chest. Jared grabbed the brick in this chest and
listened while the order was read.ORDER #6
You will all Preteen Naturist place your shoes in this chest. Then you will proceed to the
University pool and you will Preteen Naturist
ALL retrieve the chest from Preteen Naturist
the deep end
wearing what you have on. True patriots will be able to find the key.They quickly Preteen Naturist pulled off their shoes, dropped them in the chest and started
running. Now they were wearing only socks and briefs.As they reached the gate, which was open and started through it, Brian
glanced back towards the caretaker’s building, he couldn’t be positive, but
he thought he saw the man, talking to someone else beside a large black van.
FRIDAY NIGHT- 11:00 PMDespite the fact that they were only wearing socks, the six pledges were
able to keep up at a fairly good pace. When they arrived at the pool, they
were once more covered with sweat. Once again they were faced with a climb
to get to their objective. This time over a chain link fence. It was not a
tough obstacle, except for the top where they had to carefully lift their
lightly protected groins over the sharp pointed top links.It did not take Preteen Naturist them long to figure out that the clue meant the flagpole.
They could just make out a white envelope taped near the top of the pole.
Climbing the pole was another matter.With their bodies slick with sweat, it was near impossible to get enough
traction to shimmy up the pole. After several attempts by Steve, Todd and
Brad, it was little Jared who was finally able to climb the pole, with the
help of a big boost from Brian.With the key in hand, they rushed to the pool. They could not see the
bottom, but were sure the chest was there. They all jumped into the pool
and dove to the bottom. For all of them, the water, though quite cold, felt
good. It cooled there bodies and took care of the tents in their briefs.
They found the chest quickly and strong armed it out of the pool.Inside they saw the brick and an envelope wrapped in plastic. Steve grabbed
the brick while Jim opened the envelope. They pulled their socks off and
dropped them in the chest as Jim read the order.ORDER #7
Place your socks into the chest and proceed to 1512 Elmwood Way. Go to the
back door, knock three times and wait. Follow ALL instructions given to you
by whoever opens the door. GO THERE RIGHT NOW without delay!”Hmmm,” said Jim. “Anyone know where that is?”It didn’t seem to register with anyone, then all of a sudden, Steve looked
up.”SHIT MAN, we all know where it is!” he declared. They Preteen Naturist looked at him
confused.”Yea we do… we just know it by another name… It’s Sorority Row!”They looked around at each other. After the dip in the pool their wet briefs
were now almost transparent. The only one with any decent coverage was Brad
with his jock, which wasn’t much.No one said anything as they turned and started running in bare feet.It only took a few minutes to reach the house. As soon as they saw the house
they stopped to collect themselves. Steve looked at the house and shook his
head, “OHHHHHH SHIT,” he mumbled. Todd asked, “What’s wrong?”Steve shook his head and then looked at the other guys. “It’s the Tri Delt
house. You guys don’t know about them, but I do. My older brother brought me
here last year to show me the campus and we went to some parties and I got
to know a lot about all the fraternities and sororities and I heard all
about the Tri Delts, they’re different.”Jared pressed closer, a little scared by Steve’s ominous tone. “So, so, is
that bad?”Steve laughed and continued, “Well let’s just say the Tri Delts have a
reputation…. they’re… well, you know… uh… like nympho’s or vixen.
Kind of rough too.”Jim now turned to Jared and said, “And that, could be pretty bad for six
fraternity pledges dropped on their doorstep in their underwear.”Jared’s only response was, “Ohhhhhhh.”Steve took a deep breath and said, “Follow me boys.”They followed Steve to the back of the house and knocked on the door three
times. It opened almost immediately.”Well, hello boys, you must be the Phi Sig pledges? I’ve been expecting you.
My name is Tasha, the Tri Delt Pledge Mistress.”She was actually quite beautiful. Long black hair, gorgeous eyes and
sensuous lips, with a gymnast’s body, now proudly on display in a tight
jogging suit.
She noted them all checking her out and laughed. “Don’t worry, boys, you’re
not going to get any of this, or anything else inside. We have other plans
for you over sexed jock boys. Now form a line standing side by side, spread
your legs and place your hands behind your heads.They did as they were told. As she walked down the line in Preteen Naturist
front of them,
checking each out in turn, they shivered both from the cool night air on
their wet skin and the looks Tasha gave each.When she reached the end of the line, she turned around and started back,
stopping in front of each pledge. Todd was the one that end.”Let’s see, now who have we here? Todd isn’t it?” Todd nodded. She
reached down, pulled the front of Todd’s briefs out, looked inside and said,
“Nice full bush you have their Todd, hope you didn’t lose too many hairs
tonight!” She left Todd’s waistband snap back as his mouth dropped open in
shock.Jared was next. With his boyish looks, he looked like a scared 14 year old
boy. She looked at Jared and smiled. Then reached up and squeezed his rosy
cheeks forcing his lips Preteen Naturist to pucker.”Ah yes, the sweet little Preteen Naturist Jared. You really are a cutie. And such nice
lips.” Jared was shivering more as she put a finger between his lips. “So
just what did your first cock taste like pretty boy?”Jared looked like he was going to feint right there.Next was Jim. She stopped in front of him and ran her fingers through the
dark hair Preteen Naturist
that coated his nicely formed chest then through the hair that
tapered Preteen Naturist off crossing his stomach, as it formed a line straight down to his
pubes.”Hmmm, Jim, haven’t heard much about you tonight. But who knows the night
is young.”Then she moved onto Brad.She looked his perfectly defined body up and down a couple of times, then
eyed his jock.”And Brad, the little exhibitionist… did you put on a nice show for your
Marine buddy? Do you have an agent?” she said as she patted the front of
his jock.Brian was next.”Oh and of course, Brian, the Marine corps stud!” She looked him in the eye
as she reached down and pulled the front of his briefs down. He was no
longer hard but the red marks from the prickly ivy leaves were still
obvious.”My, my, looks like your gun was through a war!”She pulled his briefs back up and then stepped in front of Steve.”And finally there’s Steve, our hot, rough and tumble rugby jock!” she said
rather viciously. “Of course we know our Steve, he does such a nice job
taking care of new girls and visitors, even when he’s a visitor himself.”Steve was breathing very rapidly now. So much so that the others glanced
his way. He was white as a ghost and was actually shaking with fear. This
was completely uncharacteristic of him. Of all of them, he was probably the
most gutsy, and lived life with a continual reckless abandon.She then turned towards the house and headed back inside.”Wait here boys, I’ll only be a moment. You can relax for a bit.”As soon as she was gone, they all gathered around Steve. Brian grabbed Preteen Naturist him
by the arm and steadied him. “Dude, what the hell’s wrong with you, you
look terrible, man!” Brian inquired.”Oh man guys, I’m really fucked, REALLY FUCKED, I just know it…!” There
was a hint of tears in his eyes as he quickly told them the story…
As he had said earlier he had been to the campus the year before. He had
attended a big party at one of the fraternity houses. There were a lot of
sorority sisters there, and of course a lot of drinking. He had applied late
to college and had to wait another year for acceptance.He was anxious to become part of the campus scene and was hanging out with a
bunch of fraternity guys who were on the lacrosse team. With all the
drinking they were becoming pretty cocky. Which naturally led to talk about
women.Before he knew it he had made a bet that he could do any of the sorority
girls at the party who wasn’t firmly attached to a guy. Steve was drunk and
horny, but not THAT stupid to horn in on another guy’s main squeeze. But he
was eager to show off. The bet was on, as long as the others could pick the
girl.To Steve’s surprise they pointed out a really cute girl who was sitting on a
chair by the wall. She had been asked to dance by quite a few guys but
turned them all down.In typical Steve fashion, he jumped at the challenge. He asked her to
dance. She politely said no. He left and returned with a glass of punch and
then sat down and started talking to her. Eventually she began to talk with
him. Steve kept getting her to drink cup after cup of the grain alcohol
punch. He was so drunk that he just kept prattling on about his athletic
prowess, championship games, that it wasn’t long before he walked out the
door, arm and arm with one starry and glassy eyed girl.They walked back to the fraternity house where he had been told he could
crash. The next thing you know, Steve woke up on the floor of the house.
His shirt was off, and his pants were down around his ankles, and there was
the girl with her breasts exposed and legs spread.Steve looked between his legs and hers and knew he had completed the bet.
Then he noticed it… the tell tale sign that he had been her first.The guys from the party who had followed him back and waited outside,
strolled in and stood around them.Steve, smiled at them and said, “Looks like I won the bet!” They laughed at
him, “Wrongo shithead, the bet was to do a sorority girl… hahaha she’s
just a visitor!”Just then one of the other brothers wandered in. He looked down at Steve and
the passed out girl and said, “Holy shit man, who did Tashas’s little
sister?”And that was when Steve found out he had fucked a high school girl who’s
older sister was a Tri Delt.Steve concluded the story. They all just stood there staring. Finally, it
was Jared who breathed a sigh of relief!”Wow, man, you’re fucked worse than the rest of us for sure.” Brian smacked
Jared on the top of the head.Then he turned to Steve, “Steve, we all know you are a tough guy, but I have
a feeling this is going to be really bad for you. So, what’s say we just
call this quits, go back to the fraternity house and take our chances when
the brothers come back?” The others agreed.Steve thought for a moment and said, “Shit NO, I’m gonna take whatever they
dish out! No buts about it!”The old Steve was now back and the others knew he would not be talked out of
it.Brad picked up the beat. “Let’s let these bitch’s know who’s here, let’s
give em the Phi Sig cheer!”They immediately burst into the rowdy cheer, shouting at the top of their
lungs, “PHI SIGS ONCE, Preteen Naturist PHI SIGS TWICE,
RAH RAY, FUCK!!!!!!!When Tasha returned, they were as pumped as they could possibly be.To their surprise, she politely invited them inside and had them take seats
around the big counter in the center of the kitchen.She Preteen Naturist
brought over a plate full of burgers, chips and four of pitchers of
beer. She poured each of them a large glass of beer. She told them to eat
and drink up. Then excused herself and left. To the six near naked pledges,
the beer and food was just what they needed. It didn’t take long to finish
off the four pitchers, as thirsty as they were.They were feeling pretty darn good when Tasha returned carrying a chest of
familiar design. She set it on the counter in front of them.”Don’t worry, boys, it’s locked, but you’ll be able to get the key later.
Right now, I should tell you, our big party room is downstairs and
completely sound-proofed and this is a special night, it’s our annual “date
night.” All of the sisters are here with dates and are in the party room,
just waiting for the entertainment. Which is, of course, where you guys
come in!”"Leave Preteen Naturist your bricks on the table and follow me,” she said simply.They followed her down a hallway and downstairs, where she motioned them
into a room off to the side. It turned out to be a boiler room.”Okay boys sit down of the floor and put these on.” She held out six
blindfolds. They put them on and waited. Then she told them to hold out
their arms with their wrists together. As each guy raised his hands in front
of them, leather wrist restraints were put on him and quickly locked
Finally leather ankle restraints were applied to them. They were told to
wait, and not to talk.And so, they waited anxiously.>From just outside, they heard the door open to what had to be the big room.
There were sounds of many people talking and drinking, both men and women.Someone entered the boiler room and said simply, “Todd, come with me.” It
was a man’s voice.Todd scrambled to his feet and walked towards the voice. He was shaking as
his hands were grabbed and then led towards the sound. Just outside the
door, his hands were unshackled and then quickly re-shackled behind his
back. He was then pushed into the big room and the door slammed behind him.The other pledges heard the door slam and then absolute Preteen Naturist silence. They could
not hear any sound from the other room.THE BIG ROOMThough Todd could Preteen Naturist
not see, he knew there were a lot of people in the room.
As he was guided towards the far end he could feel many eyes on his body.
Especially as he stumbled up several steps and out onto what had to be some
type of stage.An announcer’s voice rang out, “So without any further to-do, here’s the
first of the jock boy’s we’ve been telling you so much about….. heeere’s
Todd”Todd was guided to the center of the stage to the sound of a thunderous
applause. His legs were spread apart and the blindfold removed. What a
sight he made, standing at the front of the stage in just a moist pair of
jockey shorts, legs spread and his wrists bound behind him. He looked around
the audience. There were Preteen Naturist probably about 40 couples present. Just about all
of the Tri Delt’s were there along with their dates. He recognized some of
the guys from the university locker rooms. Many were on the football team,
some were wrestlers and some were on Todd’s own lacrosse team.Todd was clearly very nervous. There was a slight surge in his balls and he
said a silent prayer not to get hard.The announcer walked over to him and put his arms around Todd’s shoulders as
he spoke into the microphone, “Now ladies and gentlemen, we should let Todd
in on what’s going on tonight.” He looked at Todd, “You see Todd, this is
the Tri Delt’s special annual date night. All the guys are dating members of
this Sorority. They all received a raffle ticket as they came in tonight.
Some lucky winners will have the chance to amuse their girl friends with
some audience participation. The one’s who do the best job, will receive
some great prizes.”Todd, Preteen Naturist looked a little confused.”Well Todd, don’t worry about it, you’ll catch on in a moment!”He turned back to the crowd, “Okay ladies and gentlemen, you’ve all heard
about Todd, so what should be done to him first?”It didn’t take long before a chorus of voices began shouting, “STRIP HIM…
STRIP HIM…!”The announcer raised his hands for silence. “Very well, and that’s what
we’ll do!” The crowd cheered.Two tickets were drawn from a jar near the front of the stage and the
winners were invited to the stage. One was a large football player and the
other a middle weight wrestler.”Okay gentlemen, here’s your task. You have one minute to come up with a way
to strip Todd that will amuse our distinguished audience!” There was a lot
of laughter.The two guys whispered between themselves. At the end of the minute they
nodded to the announcer.”Okay, here we go! Todd is all your boys!”Todd could not look at the guys as they approached.They stood on either side of him, removed their shirts and began a quick
flexing show. Both had well developed and muscular upper bodies and the
crowd was loving it.After they had flexed for several minutes, the stepped closer to Todd and
told him to move his legs together. He did.Then, working in unison, the two pumped up jocks placed a hand on Todd’s
shoulders, they slid their hands down his chest, and down to the top of his
jockeys. They each then worked their arm down inside his shorts along the
outside of his thighs. It was an unusual sight to say the least.Todd was in the middle. The big football player on Todd’s right had his
left arm all the way down through his shorts, his bicep pressed against
Todd’s right thigh. Meanwhile the wrestler was on the other side, with his
arm in similar position.With Todd, and two muscular arms all sharing the same jockey shorts, the
material was stretched very taught across Todd’s ample package. He groaned
from the pressure on his manhood.Then to the crowd’s delight, the two jocks began to pump up their biceps.
The result was more pressure on Todd’s groin. Todd was sweating from the
pressure and the pain and trying hard not to sport wood. He started dancing
on his feet.
The two jock’s then nodded to each other and began pulling away from each
other with their arms locked firmly through either side of Todd’s stretching
briefs. They were having a tug-of-war with his briefs. Made all the more
interesting by the fact that Todd was still in them.The crowd began chanting now, “GO…GO… GO!”Both jocks were sweating hard and grunting.Todd was wincing from the pain on his manhood, made even more difficult to
bear by the fact that his cock was throbbing as it struggled to become
erect. The scene was too much for Todd to overcome.It seemed to last forever. Then Todd heard it about the same time as the
announcer. The sound of a tearThe pressure on Todd’s waistband was just too much. The two jocks felt it
as well, and gave a mighty pull.There was a very quick tearing sound, and then in one swift movement, Todd’s
brief’s split in two and were torn from his body. With the constraints on
his manhood suddenly gone, nature took over, the pressure that had been
building forced a tidal wave of blood into Todd’s cock. The result, within
seconds after the briefs were gone, his pole shot to a full and painful
erection.Todd was totally embarrassed! The crowd cheered and rose to their feet in a
standing ovation. The cheering went on for a long time as the two jocks took
several bows.Finally the announcer got the crowd to quiet down. He thanked the two guys
and asked them to remain on stage. Then he turned to the audience.”Well, well, that was really something! As you all can see we now have a
naked Todd on stage. Once again, it is your choice what should we do with
him?”A babble of shouts rose from the audience as everyone offered suggestions.
The announcer waited politely for one suggestion to become predominant.
Slowly a chant started that grew in intensity as more and more of the crowd
joined in, “CROSS… CROSS.. CROSS!”It didn’t take long before everyone was shouting it!The announcer raised his hand for quiet. Then shouted, “The audience has
spoken… bring out St. Andrew!”Cheers Preteen Naturist arose as a large wooden St. Andrew’s Cross was wheeled to the front
of the stage, facing the audience. The two jock’s were then asked to secure
Todd to the cross. Which they accomplished in short order and rather
roughly. When they were finished, Todd was spread-eagled on the cross,
facing the audience. He tested the bonds and confirmed that he was
absolutely helpless.Todd considered his position. Though he felt humiliated and was scared, he
also noted that he was more aroused than he had even been before in his
life. His hardon was intense, and he was actually looking forward to what
was ahead. Of course he would not show that. And so he struggled.The announcer called for silence, motioned towards Todd’s erection and then
said, “Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that dear Todd want’s more, so what
should be done to him?”(To be continued)NOW Dear Reader, imagine you are part of the AUDIENCE in that Tri Delt
house. The announcer has just said, ” So what should be done to him?”Drop a quick email to:
westwoodscottyhotmail.com with what you would want seen done to Todd while
he is on that cross! I need them right away, send them now!
Chapter 5 is well under way. It includes the completion of the events at
the Tri Delt House and the arrival of the pledges at the Manor House dungeon
later that night. I will however take all Email SHOUTS of what to have done
to Todd into serious consideration. The one I like most will be used!
NOTE: If you have any suggestions for any of the upcoming encounters send
them to westwoodscottyhotmail.com. If I can work them in I will. Most Preteen Naturist of
the suggestions I have already received have been good and will continue to
be incorporated into the ensuing chapters. Thanks again for the
suggestions.Feel free to suggest some devilish challenges for the pledges OR any of the
boys mentioned. LOL, like, ?I would like to see Brian (or whoever) have to
do this, or have this done to him, etc.?
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